The Story

Since 1979, The Optical Boutique has been Vancouver’s premier optical destination for luxury eyewear. Joining Fred and Almaza Kroeschel in 1997 as a licensed optician, Sue Randhawa bought the business from them 10 years later. The original goal was to offer the latest lens technology with the best eyeglass frames. Sue took that philosophy and paired it with her love of fashion creating a business that is now the “go to” place for the best, independently designed eyewear. Much to the delight of the paparazzi in Vancouver, Sue can be seen sitting front row at many of the fashion events. She is a blogger, writer, buzz generator, regularly being interviewed and asked to speak at public events. Travelling the globe, she searches for companies that share her passion for great eyewear. Her carefully curated collections are always ahead of the predicted trends as she continues with her mission: To change the eyewear experience. One face at a time.